Revolution vanguard legend


The Revolution Foundation believes that we do not have trash at festivals, since all materials are re-used or will be recycled. Therefore, we call it resources. Do you share our opinion? Our revolution vanguard legends are the backbone of our sustainability program and play a key part in creating circular festivals!

Unfortunately, visitors try to take a lot of items, such as deodorant or food, into the festival which are not allowed. The security will intercept, collect these resources in crates, and stores them. Our vanguards bring the intercepted resources from the entrance to the recycle stations for separation.

An increasing number of events is using less trashcans on the terrain, so the visitors automatically bring their resources and cups to the recycle stations. The Revolution vanguards will stand behind the desk to exchange the cup for a recycle token and receive the resources for separation.

We aim to provoke a shift in behavior with communicating as effectively and efficiently as possible not to throw resources on the ground. Despite our efforts, we keep on facing this challenge and our vanguards are scouting around the festival terrain for thrown away resources. After collecting, as mentioned, it’s taken to the recycle hub.