Sustainability management training

The demand for event sustainability professionals is only growing and we want to help you make your first steps into this exciting career path. As part of our mission and vision to support event sustainability, we believe it is extremely important to share our knowledge and expand our efforts to create more sustainable festivals. And this is where you come into play!

Resource management and coordination at events is one of the most important themes of a sustainable festival. There are a lot of material flows at any given event such as plastics, organics, cardboards, glass, cups, fluids, etc. and to make sure everything is recycled or being prepared to be reused, a resource management expert is crucial to implement such plans and processes.

However, only one resource manager is not enough to run an entire festival. This is where volunteers come in place, as well as other trained crew who ensure all the systems in place run the way they should. To be able to coordinate such systems and various sustainability teams takes experience, leadership and passion.

And to help you develop these qualities and expertise we invite you to our Sustainability training. The training dives into:

  • how briefings are given to the people executing each of the sustainability projects
  • how each of the sustainability systems work
  • what it takes to manage a sustainable festival
  • how resources are collected and recycled or reused
  • how to coordinate the Resource Street
  • how to lead the volunteer team
  • practicalworkshops and problem solving
  • how the hard cup system works at events

Once you get trained and gain experience, you can later be deployed at various festivals in a paid sustainability role where you can grow not only your knowledge, but professional expertise and practical experience as well.

Register your interest via the link and we will be in touch!