Entrance management training

The entrance of an event is the first physical touchpoint of a festival with its visitors. That is why it is quite important to create a great first impression. However, every entrance is complicated, and that means a lot of things can go wrong. For these reasons it is extremely necessary for the crew operating this touchpoint to know what they are doing.

Thousands of people wanting to go to their favourite show need to pass through this checkpoint where their tickets need to be checked, as well as their belongings. Some people have problems with their tickets, others with their belongings and all of these problems, among others, slow down the processing of people. And the more people wait, the worse their experience becomes.

This is where the trained entrance crew comes to help! The trained crew consists of an entrance manager and 2nd liners, supported by the 1st liners who scan the tickets. The entrance manager and the 2nd liners have all undergone training that developed their problem solving and awareness when working at the entrance.

The training covers various topics of entrance management such as:

  • how an entrance is structured
  • everyone’s role at the entrance
  • how and what to communicate with each stakeholder
  • safety at the entrance
  • managing and supervising crew
  • scaling entrances up and down
  • common issues and their solutions
  • practical workshops

After completing such training, and after you have done a 1st liner shift, we can already deploy you at paid 2nd liner positions! And if you want to gain even more expertise, we can offer further training and more complicated entrance management positions. By combining the theoretical and practical side is the way we train and develop people.

Come to our training and start learning how to manage an entrance!