The Revolution Academy was created to help you -the motivated young souls, to find your passion in events! Get involved and grow within the industry, together with us. See below how you can join the Academy on this wild ride.

We give academy trainings in our current areas of expertise -Volunteer, Entrance, and Sustainability management. We are also collaborating with external experts to develop even more trainings such as bar production, security, event production and artist handling.

After you do a training with us, and have volunteered before at positions related to the training, you become trained crew and can be deployed at higher positions, with more responsibility, more exposure and get paid. But it does not end there!As theAcademy collaborators keep gathering experience with us and at various events, you can become expert crew by attending a more advanced training and then being deployed to manage more complicated events at higher positions.

We believe that mixing the theoretical and practical side of events is the best way to learn and to grow within this industry. Believe us, we know from experience!

Academy kickoff sessions

Just as we believe practice is key to learn, we also believe that explaining and sharing in person is way more fun and way more interesting than reading off from a website.

For this reason we are organising monthly Academy kickoffs where we present our concept in an interactive way (interactive being meeting people, listening to music and having fun). At these community events we explain how you can get involved with us, become an expert and find your passion in events!

Sign up via the button below for the upcoming kickoff!

Academy trainings

Here are our Academy trainings. Are you interested in how a circular festival is produced and how it is managed? Or maybe you want to learn more about what it takes to ensure the safe and smooth flow of people at the entrance? Perhaps you want to know what it takes to lead a volunteer program and how that is managed? Or maybe your interests lie elsewhere? Check out our current and future trainings as we would love to show you all of it!


Learn how to run a circular festival and leave no trace behind


Learn how to manage an entrance and ensure the smooth flow of visitors


Learn what it takes to lead a volunteer program at events

Other trainings

Check out what trainings we are developing


Are you an organisation or an individual with specific event expertise? And are you looking for ways to share your expertise and experience to help create the new generation of event professionals? Get in contact with us and discover how we can collaborate together to create trainings and meaningful learning experiences for people with passion for events.

See below some of our partner organisations who help us create the powerful event workforce of tomorrow.