Volunteers management training

Volunteer management is a specific area of management which can prove to be quite tricky. Some people think of volunteering as an easy way to cut costs, others -to get free access to their favourite event, and although true, it is far from the potential and the impact a volunteer programme can have and create. Volunteer managers are the wizards of crew deployment and management.

Volunteer managers are responsible for guiding and supervising tens, sometimes hundreds of people during an event day. Coordinating internally with the team, but also externally with the promoter and other stakeholders, takes skills, patience, thinking of solutions on your feet and having a helicopter view of every process.

And since we pride ourselves with our volunteer management programme, we would love to share our expertise with you and teach you how you can create value for all stakeholders, provide a platform for new talent, bring energy to the event and conquer every project that comes your way.Sounds interesting? Sign up for our upcoming trainings and learn what it takes to become a volunteer manager!

The training dives into topics such as:

  • how to supervise and brief volunteers
  • how to use a portofone and communicate efficiently
  • how to read floorplans and understand your way around an event
  • how to solve problems and find creative solutions
  • how to prepare roadmaps
  • practical scenarios and workshops