Other trainings

Apart from internal Academy trainings, we are currently developing external ones too. What we mean by internal and external is that with the internal ones we have the expertise we want to teach in-house. As to the external ones, we collaborate with external experts, who help us broaden our scope of education. Such include security companies, production and bar companies, as well as artist handling organisations.

We partner with professionals from these organisations to bring more value to our programme but most importantly to provide a spectrum of opportunities for young motivated souls to discover their passion in events.

Stay tuned for our upcoming trainings!

Bar production

Learn how a bar is managed, how to be efficient, how the systems behind the bar work and how to keep them running. Find out what it takes to lead the bar crew and to make sure everything runs smoothly. Is there a hardcup system in place? There will be in the next 2 years regardless of the event, and that means that knowledge about these systems is crucial. But don’t worry, together with one of the biggest players out there we will show the ropes and teach you what it takes to keep the drinks flowing and the people happy and conscious (well, at least about theearth).


Security is sometimes considered as an enemy towards the visitor, rather than an ally. However, without security and proper security management in place, events will not be the same.

We are collaborating with professionals with tons of experience who will not only teach you how to secure areas and manage access, but learn how to genuinely keep people safe and show kindness and compassion so that the visitors can have the best time possible.

Event production

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a festival? How much time of preparation, planning, communication, designing, building? The answer -tons of it. And all of that just for a day or two, so that thousands of visitors can have an amazing experience during their free time.

If that sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out for our upcoming production training.

You will learn how a festival is built, what skills are needed for such positions, how to grow within that role and how to be a part of creating an unforgettable experience.

Artist handling

Imagine meeting famous artists and making sure they have a good time before, during and after their performance is your job. How cool is that? Not only do you get to meet these big names, but you also get to share an experience together. You become their best friend during the time you are with them and just as with your other friends, you make sure they are okay and are having a good time.

During the artist handling training you will learn not only how to make the artists feel comfortable, but what it takes to bring them to that performance. What are the logistics behind bringing an artist to the event, how to communicate with them, how to make sure the equipment they require is there and is technically correct, as well as everything else that makes artist handling such an exciting job.