As you may already know, DGTL AMS 2020 did not take place on 11-12 April due to the pandemic, we took time to come up with an alternative program to provide something to our audience. This DGTL edition would’ve been the year to become completely circular and we were looking forward to welcoming everyone to this special journey. All sustainable endeavors, resource management- and volunteer program preparations were almost completed, and we wouldn’t be the Revolution Foundation if we would let that go to waste.

After multiple brainstorm sessions, we came up with an alternative online program to keep the vibe alive. We would love to bring the DGTL x Revolution Foundation experience to you while you enjoy the comfort of your own house.


We proudly present Revolutionary Talks!

 This is an online, educational program that provided the attendees with talks that contain in-depth information about our circular systems, including the zero-emission tool, resource management, circular food court, and volunteer management. The speakers during these talks are the creative minds behind these systems and they will share their knowledge, experience, and take time to answer questions from the audience.

We would like to thank Contained Sessions for collaborating with us and providing us with the recording studio and video editing. In their studio, they produce (Live)stream videos of DJ sets from multiple angles, moving cameras, on-beat timing, and proper lighting.

Click on the link below for more information about Contained Sessions.

Contained Sessions


Xander Kotvis – Manager of the Revolution Foundation

– creator of sustainable- and circular systems that were going to be implemented at DGTL and co-creator of the tool ‘Zero Emission’. Besides their circular purposes, these systems aim to provoke a shift in the behavior of the festival goers themselves. Xander is an expert in explaining complex ideas in an easy way, bases his decisions on data and will give the first talk about these subjects mentioned. Enjoy!

Leonie Boon

Resource Management – & Recycle Expert. A familiar face within the music event industry and also known as ‘the queen of recycling’. She shared her knowledge on resource management during her talk and becoming circular. 

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd 

Sustainability Coordinator at the Revolution Foundation, co-creator of sustainable systems and producer of the circular food court. Mitchell took us on a trip on how all these systems to come fruition at multiple festivals and knows all about out-of-the-box thinking.


Paul Schurink

Expert in the field of temporary energy supply, emission, sustainability and innovations. Also, specialized in energy assessment, measurement and logging, as well as design of the optimal power supply for events (Smart Power Plan). He is since 2014 involved in DGTL’s Revolution Program and shared insights on the ongoing optimalization of the power plans for the DGTL festivals around the globe. 



Peter Scheer 

Also known as the “King of Pee”. Peter aspires to use his expertise, knowledge and experiences to establish sustainable circular economies, with a special focus on developing areas. To reach his aspiration Peter founded SEMiLLA Sanitation Hubs in 2017.

Fides Lapidaire

Fides showed that to be able to close our food cycle, we not only need science and knowledge. We need to retell the story of shit. She retold the story of shit during her talk.

Timon Dijkstra 

Volunteer Program Leader at the Revolution Foundation. Connecting people, guiding people and co-create is what Timon does best and during this workshop he provided in-depth information about the preparation phase and provides challenging cases to the attendees.