Insta-take over legend


You will be in charge of creating an Instagram story on the Revolution Foundation account. Connecting/informing people and call to action that’s what the social media take-over legend focuses on. Most likely our followers are familiar with the festivals, the music and the artist but there is more to that in this case. Spread the word that we are aiming for making the event music industry more sustainable and make people aware of how they can support as well.

We aim for giving all our volunteers the best experience possible and your journey as an Instagram take-over legend starts a few days prior to the event.
In your e-mail inbox an information sheet, a roadmap and a complete task description will appear with all relevant information about the festival, tasks during the shift and how to execute them. Do yourself a favor and read these documents thoroughly. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the WhatsApp group chat.

This shift embodies a couple of important tasks. The Revolution Foundation will share her Instagram login information with you, guide you through the festival location and informs you about the different volunteer shifts.
The roadmap present guidelines and gives you idea’s how to capture moments and share them on the socials.