Recycle token legend


Cup recycle systems are adopted at multiple festivals and executed in various ways. Regardless what method is implemented, our recycle token legends are present to execute all related tasks it with enthusiasm.

As mentioned, there are various ways to implement this system and it takes effort to inform all visitors about that way it works. To minimize the risk of visitors not receiving a token and inform the most efficient and fastest way possible, our recycle token legends start their shift at the entrance.

Entrance Recycle Token
Guarded with tote bags and recycle tokens this team is standing right behind the ticket scanners. Their goal is to hand out a recycle token at every visitor that enters the festival grounds, with a brief explanation while handing out. This plays an immersive important role in the success of the recycle program;

Eventually, it will get less crowded at the entrance and security takes of the task of handing out the recycle tokens. When this situation arises, our recycle token legends will spread out over multiple cup collection points. The volunteer runner will ensure everyone is picked up and assigned to a collection point.

Cup Collection Point

At the cup collection point the legends are collecting, separating and storing the (hard)cups. Each visitor receives a recycle token after handing out one cup. Don’t hesitate to have a little chat, inform and enjoy yourself.