Production_deco legend


A lot of different materials are used to build and decorate a festival, so it is important that all materials will be re-used or (up/re)cycled. The deco/production legends assist the professional (creative) production crew to decorate the stages, place mambo on the fences, hang up ‘priklicht’ and draw/place signing. The fun part about this is that afterwards you can show your friends the beautiful things you have created at the festival! In case of a break down it means you will be breaking down all decoration. You will find out that it’s so much easier to take everything off instead of building it up.

For this shift we think it’s very important that safety comes first. Therefore, we have safety shoes with a steel toe nose for you to borrow. Also, because you will help a long day outside it is important to have a proper meal. For this reason, our crew catering will take good care of you and serve great lunch, dinner and dirty black production coffee.