Cup & coin legend


As mentioned, sustainability is becoming more important for festival organizers and most likely a (hard)cup recycle system will be adopted to reduce pollution of the terrain. Regardless what method is implemented, our cup & coin legends are actively supporting the adopted program. Having fun while helping out making this sector more sustainable, doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

To give you an idea what this shift embodies, usually the tasks can be divided in two actions and teams:

Team Recycle Tokens
Guarded with tote bags, recycle tokens, cup holders and lots of enthusiasm our recycle token team is walking in specific, designated areas. Informing the visitors about the recycle system, how to use the tokens and where to collect or hand them out. Equally as important is to collect the empty cups while informing and hand out a token in return. We love a clean and tidy environment for everyone;Team Cup Collection Point:

Team Cup Collection Point
This team is standing at their designated cup collection point, collecting, separating and storing the cups. Each visitor receives one recycle token in return for their cup. Don’t hesitate to have a little chat, be yourself and enjoy yourself.