(Circular) foodcourt legend


More and more festival organizers are focusing on making their events more sustainable. Amongst them are those that aim for taking sustainability to the next level, for example by becoming circular. DGTL Festival is one of the leading festivals in this area and her sustainability endeavors and breakthroughs made it possible that in 2020 it will reach a new height.
The circular food court plays a huge part in this and our legends will play a pivotal role in making this a success and to reach the goal. The Revolution Foundation advices her volunteers to visit the circular food court page and read the information attentive, before applying for this shift. It contributes to the learning- and volunteer experience and gives a clear understanding of the story behind it.

This shift embodies multiple tasks depending on the festival and her sustainable efforts. Tasks are informing people about the use of rescued foods, biodegradable cutlery and plates and where to dispose the resources afterwards. To ensure the separation systems goes as intended, we wish that the visitors hand out their plates to the volunteers so it can be separated correctly at the food court. Also, keeping the terrain clean and prevent people from smoking underneath a roof is as equally important.