A core tool for supporting and strengthening our sustainable and circular systems is our volunteer program. The Revolution Foundation offers volunteers the chance to obtain practical experience at our partner festival and events. They play a key role in communicating our sustainability endeavors to the visitors and implementing our circular systems; therefore, we call them legends instead of volunteers. We provide them with circular knowledge, an opportunity for networking, a free ticket and a meaningful learning experience.

The volunteer journey consists out of a number of steps which are applicable at all festival and events



Date: 11/12 April
Location: NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

Toffler Festival

Date: 30 May
Location: Roel Langerakpark, Rotterdam

Pleinvrees Festival

Date: 30 May
Location: NDSM Wharf - Amsterdam

De Zon Festival

Date: 31 May
Location: NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Open Air

Date: 6-7 June
Location: Gaasperpark - Amsterdam

Studio Festivale

Date: 20 June
Location: Landgoed Duynenwater

By the Creek

Date: 4 July
Location: Recreatieterrein Middelwaard Vianen - Utrecht

Vunzige Deuntjes Festival

Date: 11 July
Location: Amsterdamse Bos

The Monastery Festival

Date: 23-27 July
Location: Kloster Graefenthal, Goch (Germany)

Milkshake Festival

Date: 25-26 July
Location: Westerpark - Amsterdam

Fiesta Macumba

Date: 25 July
Location: Ouderkerkerplas - Amsterdam


Date: 15 August
Location: Havenpark - Amsterdam



(Circular) foodcourt legend

Bar legend

Creative activity legend

Cup & coin legend

Entrance legend

Flex team legend

Insta-take over legend

Merchandise legend

Production deco legend

Recycle token legend

Revolution vanguard legend

Social responsibility legend


Contact us at volunteers@revolutionfoundation.nl. We will get back to you with more information as soon as we can.



  1. The potential volunteer creates an account on our volunteer platform.
  2. The Revolution Foundation publishes volunteer shifts on the platform and announces this via her social-media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.
  3. The potential volunteer reads the function information, additional information thoroughly and pays attention to the reward of the shift.
  4. After signing up and waiting for approval, the potential volunteer receives an acceptance or refusal e-mail with a remark by the admin.
  5. In case of acceptance, the volunteer will receive informative documents a few days prior to the event and will be added to the WhatsApp group chat of the festival.
  6. The informative documents include an information sheet, task description and an additional briefing if necessary.
  7. The volunteer arrives on time at the day of the festival, checks in at the volunteer desk and can chill a bit until picked up by a runner.
  8. The volunteer runner assembles the team, escorts them to their working area and introduces them to their supervisor for the final briefing.
  9. The team receives a final briefing and there will be room for questions upfront.
  10. After the volunteer shift, the team assembles and is picked up once again by the volunteer runner for check-out.
  11. The team checks out, retrieve their belongings and now it’s time to party!
  12. Afterwards we will thank you for your efforts and ask you how your Revolution experience was via a short survey. Hopefully we will welcome you at one of our increasing number of festivals and events!