Defqon.1 Weekend Festival

Date: Completed
Location: Biddinghuizen


We are super happy to see that so many of you are interested in working, dancing, and camping with us! 

Let’s revolutionize Defqon. Here’s some practical information about what we offer:

Dates – from Thursday (June, 23rd) to Sunday (June, 26th)
Shift – Recycle Token Legend
Number – 2/3 shifts during the festival, each on a different day
Length – each shift is 4 hours
Available spots – 30 spots. Those that are pre-registered get priority, and will be accepted first.
Reward – the entire weekend festival!
Friends – Your friends, are our friends, so feel free to invite them to join us!

On our platform, there are different packages to choose from. Each package has two or three shifts, each on a different day. While making these, we took party time and recovery time into account. This way, we serve our night owls, but also our early birds. Totally depends on your taste: and enough to choose from.

Take a look at our platform, and you will see the dates, times, and rewards.


The organizers provided us with room on the camping to create our revolution legends area.
Do not forget to bring your own tent, a cooler if you own one, food and beverages, and lounging equipment, because in between shifts and dancing hard you can always come to the camping to chill with us and fellow legends.It’s’ going to be LEGENDARY.DO YOU HAVE FRIENDS THAT ARE ALSO STAYING AT THE CAMPING?
It is mandatory to camp in the revolution legend area, located on the crew camping, but of course, you are free to go to your friends’ camping spot(s) for their afters. You are free to go!


PITCH YOUR TENT – Possible from Wednesday (June, 22nd)

TRANSPORT –  We will do our best to provide parking tickets for those who request one, and go by car.

CARPOOLING – We love carpooling. It’s nice to ask fellow legends to join you in the car.

Ideally, we hope that these packages fit your schedule, but in case it does not, we are always open to seek for the opportunity to adjust some things. We believe putting in the effort should come from both sides, so we’re always open to making some exceptions. In case you have any questions, please reply to this email or send one to We will come back to you as soon as possible.