Xander Kotvis is the Revolution Manager of the Revolution Foundation. This foundation  provides sustainable and circular systems for festivals and events, including DGTL. They work together closely with events, companies and governments to design and implement circular blueprints, accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy.


The spot is designed by local designer and builder Paul Timmer. Paul owns an atelier at the NDSM where he designs and builds his products. With his knowledge about building with circular materials, it is ensured that the light object is as sustainable as possible and matches the look and feel of the NDSM wharf.


Elkin Petrici is a lighting expert at environmental engineering agency Tauw. His knowledge about public lighting will contribute to making informed choices about the lamp/fixture, compliance with legal standards and the perception of lighting.


Koen Kaljee, Carola Raaijmakers & Marijke Rommelse are the students behind this Living Lab project for their MSc degree Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering (MSc MADE). Their backgrounds in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Spatial Planning & Design add to a multidisciplinary team. AMS Institute is the home of the joint MSc MADE degree from TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research. The MSc programme focuses on our cities and metropolitan regions, which face the challenges of sustainability and quality of life in a fast urbanizing world.