DGTL festival is a dance festival that takes place at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam attracting up to 45.000 visitors yearly. The ambition of DGTL is to become the world’s first fully circular festival by 2020. DGTL strives to be a sustainable event by being mindful of both their environmental and social impact. This year, DGTL wants to give the spots back to the local community, hereby adding to the ambiance and safety of the NDSM wharf.


Stichting NDSM is the foundation who manages the 10 hectare former shipyard. Together with the community, they work on a broad cultural program with the aim of making the cultural uniqueness of the area visible. Stichting NDSM is co-financer of this project and will become the owner of the light spots after DGTL festival. They will maintain the light spots and make sure they are used for other events, including future DGTL editions.   


The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) is a scientific institute located in Amsterdam. AMS Institute was founded by Wageningen University & Research, TU Delft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. AMS Institute works on finding interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions. In close collaboration with both public & private partners and citizens, AMS Institute valorizes research in practice, using the city of Amsterdam as a Living Lab.